Kabrita Formula Review at 2018 LA Baby Show

Updated: May 29, 2020

If you missed the LA Baby Show then you’ll want to be sure to watch my review of the Kabrita Goat-Milk formula! We love Kabrita in our home; my son (who’s 3!) still drinks the toddler formula, even though it says 12-24M, and I don't plan to stop yet! Every time he has a cup, I feel a sense of relief that regardless of how little he actually ate throughout the day, I know he’s still getting a lot of the nutritional requirements his little body needs to grow!

My kids came into this world much differently. I was super active and healthy during my first pregnancy and I had her over a week late. My daughter was super chunky, she actually gained from her birth weight when we left the hospital, which rarely happens! I was able to nurse her until she was over a year and I felt confident that she had the best nutrition possible as a baby.

My son was born a week early, was much smaller and was in NICU. My pregnancy with him was probably the most unhealthy pregnancy it could have been. I was beyond sick and actually lost weight at one point during my pregnancy. I suffered from recurring C-Diff coupled with a flare from Ulcerative Colitis, which we didn't know I had until then. My deteriorating health left my body severely undernourished and struggling my entire pregnancy. I had to start some of my drug therapy during my pregnancy, which was, and still is, beyond mentally taxing. I wanted to nurse him like I had been able to do for my daughter but I just couldn’t. My milk was worthless because of the medications I was on and I had no other choice but to start using formula.

I tried to use a commonly known American formula brand at first. It smelled disgusting and I felt guilty that I was feeding this crap to my baby. He threw up, a lot. And his poop was so smelly and gross, not that poop is roses to begin with, but it seemed to be worse than breastfed poop. I did what we all do; asked in one of my Facebook mommy groups (haha) and I got a ton of feedback from other moms who had gone through similar experiences and had good luck with European brands because they undergo stricter guidelines, creating better-for-you products.

I foolishly spent a ton of money, like $500, and imported one well known EU sourced brand, but my baby didn’t do well with that one. So I tried the other well known EU sourced brand, which he tolerated better, so I stuck to importing that until he was 1, counting down the days until I could just give him regular milk! Then he turned 1 and we eagerly introduced regular cow milk, not realizing the protein in cow milk was actually what was upsetting his little tummy! He began showing more digestive issues and I became worried again that he wasn’t getting the nutrition his teeny tiny body needed.

I was so frustrated so I turned to what was then my last resort and had been in my cupboard all along; Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula. Kabrita is also European sourced and adheres to the same strict guidelines as the formulas I had spent a fortune on importing, but it IS sold in the U.S.! This formula is sold at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Wegmans, Costco.com, Amazon, Walmart.com and a ton more. To be honest, I knew nothing about the benefits of goat milk and because I knew nothing, I didn't realize I had the answer to my problems right in front of me. The can said 12-24M on it, which made me think I couldn't use it but what I've come to learn is that the formulation meets the requirements for infant formula so I could have been using Kabrita and saved all that stress.

On top of my baby loving the taste and drinking larger volumes of milk, his tummy troubles seemed to improve and I began to feel confident that he was finally getting the nutrition he needed. I’ve never been without it since and even though my baby is 3, I’m going to give it to him as long as I can!

We’re a Kabrita family and I hope this review helps other parents realize this amazing product is out there! To order a free canister of the Kabrita Goat Milk Formula, use my personal referral link here.

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