Parent + Tot Cooking in Playa Vista

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

Cooking with kids can be tough... but it can also be easy and fun thanks to the certified organic 'Everything But The' line of box mixes from Cherryvale Farms. These popular products are making it easy & affordable to prepare delicious & healthy products like Banana Bread, Blueberry Muffins, Cookies & more!

Families from Silicon Beach Parents Group were able to enjoy the open air kitchen at Corner Greens Park

in Playa Vista and make vegan box-mixes using

GoGo Squeez Apple Sauce Pouches & Sports Research MCT Oil. Kids ranging from 2 to 5 picked between Oatmeal Cookie or Brownie boxes and with the assistance of parents and the Bambino Sitter Ambassadors, proudly baked themselves goodies.

We loved how simple the process was but also that the mixes were allergen free & vegan. Instead of adding butter (which would have obviously changed the mix from being vegan) we substituted MCT Oil from Sports Research.

MCTs are healthy fats derived from coconuts with a chemical structure that our bodies digest easily and are used as quick energy for the body. We also used GoGo Squeez Apple Sauce pouches which are a fun, healthy & tasty snack and come in a large variety of flavors (apple-cinnamon, fruit & veggie blends & shelf-stable yogurt squeez).

While their snacks were baking in the brand new kitchen (which is part of a rentable park, 310.437.6070 for information on reservations) the active and helpful sitters from Bambino App kept kids busy with fun lawn games and activities and parents got a chance to let someone else do all the work for once! Bambino is an innovative app that connects babysitters & parents. You can choose options like special skills (think CPR, Newborn Experience, etc) and you can also see if other parents you know have left feedback or used sitters. You can also put out a request to multiple sitters at once, book & pay directly through the app which makes life as a busy parent so easy!

Families that attended this event took home stuffed gift bags with products from Skinny Dipped Almonds, Kabrita Goat Milk, Smashmallow + more and one lucky winner walked away with the mifold Grab-And-Go Car Booster Seat! This innovative product is changing the Booster Seat world. Instead of a bulky seat, that raises your child up so the seatbelt is hitting in the correct, safe areas; mifold brings the seatbelt down

to the correct position. Plus these seats fold up super compact, which I love for traveling as well as to stuff in your kids backpack, etc for sudden needs... like Grandma picking your little up from school and you getting a peaceful dinner break. A mom can dream, right!?

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